Executive Board

Executive Board

Our Executive Board is currently a temporary team which was formed on a voluntary basis, to work on our project to establish an Employee Resource Group for the people from African countries working for the University of Virginia and the community.  After meeting the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in December 11th, 2019 and having his verbal approval, it was necessary that we set up an Executive Board for the new organization in order to fulfill the institution’s requirements.

The Team

  • President: Christian IGNOUMBA
  • Vice President: Leo IBRAHIM MAMADOU
  • Secretary: Maryam ABUBAKAR
  • Treasurer: Bruno NGAMI NGOUOLALI
  • Director of communication: Francis OPPONG
  • Secretary for Social Affairs: Wendy MBUGUA
  • Social Media Specialist:


Set up the organization and lead the transition period, to help and keep members and the community updated about everything going on during the coronavirus pandemic period until we held a General Assemblée to elect the permanent officers who will continue the work to achieve the goals for which our organization was created.